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New member dues are good until June 2017!!

We invite you to join us as a member of the Crossroads Arts Council and help us to grow the arts in our community.   Dues start at just $30 for a Supporter Membership for the calendar year from June through May.  You may join at any time of the year, but dues are NOT prorated.  Please chose the membership group below you wish to join.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Crossroads Arts Council


10. SOCIALIZE - get out of your lonely studio. The local groups will usually have socializing meetings where you can meet other artists and just get out there.

9. LEARN - see what other people are doing and learn from them. The variety of artists and experiences can really make for an excellent place to learn from other artists. Talk with them about the way they tackle the business side of being an artist, find who is giving workshops and attend them, or in many cases, come to a group meeting where one of the artists is presenting their art and techniques.

8. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE - teach other people from your knowledge. If you can learn from others, than there must be something you can teach from your experience. What about art making techniques, marketing ideas, utilizing technology or art shows experience?

7. NETWORK -meet people who know other people, in order to enlarge your network. Networking cannot be under-estimated. And although it might seem that the other artists are your competition, the truth is that many are more than willing to share and connect you to the right people.

6. OPPORTUNITIES - One of the end results of growing networking is the opportunities that emerge from many unexpected places. There are many opportunities to be taken, you just have to identify them and make yourself ready for them to call you. You can find new opportunities for business, commissions, art shows, exposure and much more.

5. PARTICIPATE IN ART SHOWS - many of the local art groups organize group shows and, in some cases, they are not juried. This is an excellent way to start exposing yourself and your art and to start building your resume. The juried art shows are even more important, as their quality is often much higher. Getting to know where the art shows are, what their requirements are and who might participate in them are all integral parts of the local group activities.

4. VOLUNTEER - give your time and efforts for the benefit of you and others. You will gain respect of your fellow artists and they will be willing to help you in return.

3. PRACTICE - with the many activities that happen throughout the year at the group and volunteering opportunities, you will have the valuable opportunity to practice. Participate in arranging shows, see what happens behind the scenes and learn what is involved. This will give you a great practice that you will need for your own business development.

2. SHOWCASE YOURSELF - let people know you. There is no better way to sell your art than to be known. You have to start somewhere. Your local art group can be one such place, where you expose who you are, what drives you, make friends and become known in the local area and community.


1. FOUNDING FIFTY – to the first fifty artists who join the Crossroads Arts Council, the normal artist one year membership fee of $75 is being reduced to $50. In addition, these first 50 artist membership fees will be “grandfathered in” for as long as they belong to the Council.