Chairish Sponsors

Chairs have begun popping up around town. Check out the following businesses to get your official scavenger hunt card to be entered on May 21 at the Wentzville Days Fair and Music Festival. All proceeds will benefit the Child Center of Wentzville and Crossroads Arts Council.

Maggie Malone's
990 Wentzville Pkwy

Imagination Pottery
1463 Wentzville Pkwy

The Vapor Locker USA
13 East Pearce Blvd

Massage Luxe
1851 Wentzville Pkwy

Reliance Bank
985 Wentzville Pkwy

Wentzville City Hall
310 West Pearce Blvd

Western St. Charles Chamber of Commerce
207 S. Linn Ave.

Streetscape Magazine
Chair on display at Western St. Charles Chamber

Wentzville Parks & Recreation
968 West Meyer Road

Sunrise Donuts
714 West Pearce Blvd

BU Boutique & Salon
11 Wentzville Bluffs, #107

Berkshire Hathaway
109 Wentzville Pkwy

Harris Automotive
909 East Pearce Blvd

Pete's Drive In
1009 East Pearce Blvd

The Tattooed Dog
403 Luetkenhaus Blvd

Tommy D's Pizza
708 S. Church Street

Upscale Resale
7 Tiffany Lynn Ct

Uptown Looks Salon
412 Luetkenhaus Blvd

Unkorked Wine Garden
205 West Allen

Waddel & Reed Advisors
985 Wentzville Pkwy

Missouri Bank
1145 West Pearce Blvd

Friendship Brewing
Chair is displayed at Missouri Bank

Pogue Chevrolet
851 West Pearce Blvd

Bank of Old Monroe
1093 Wentzville Pkwy

Olive Tree Market Place
513 West Pearce Blvd

Johnson Insurance Company
132 East Pearce Blvd

Ehll's Western Auto
109 West Pearce Blvd

Thieman's Carpet Co.
201 East Pearce Blvd

UPS Store
1939 Wentzville Pkwy

2 West Pearce Blvd

The Color Room
1155 Wentzville Pkwy #103

Urgent Care for Kids
1413 Wentzville Pkwy

B&B Theatres
100 Wentzville Bluffs Dr.

The Child Center
989 Heritage Dr.

St. Louis Realty
Chair Being Displayed at The Child Center

All donations from the sale of chairs will go to benefit...