Art Classes in Wentzville

In cooperation with Wentzville Parks & Recreation Dept., the Crossroads Arts Council is offering classes that will be offered during the upcoming Winter/Spring session.  All of these classes will be held at Progress Park, in the conference room.  For your convenience, you can register for these classes through the Parks Dept.

  • Walk-in: Visit Progress Park Recreation Center, located at 968 Meyer Rd., to pay by cash, check, American Express, Discover, VISA or MasterCard.
  • Phone: Call (636) 332-9236 or (636) 327-7665 to pay by American Express, Discover, VISA or MasterCard.
  • Online: Visit the Parks Dept. website to pay by American Express, Discover, VISA or MasterCard. Search by the orange Activity Numbers below.

All other information regarding classes through the Parks Dept. can be found on the Parks Dept. website.

An error occurred in the current “Fun Times” publication with regards to the ages in some of our classes. The ages noted on this page are correct.


Crossroads Art Council Art Classes

Winter/Spring 2017

FIGURE DRAWING FUN (Ages 18 +) Join Sean Manning in this fun course that teaches adults  to obtain the basic skill of drawing the human form, including anatomy and observation of the human form.  This course uses basic materials as means of discovery.  Classes will run four weeks, meeting one day each week for two hours.  This class does not require any prior experience. All supplies are included.

(Min 6/Max 10)

Wednesdays, 6 pm, starting March 8 in Progress Park Conference Room

Activity number: 102029-A1 4 weeks $65 resident/$75 non-resident.


MULTIMEDIA COLLAGE (Ages 16+) Debbie Kindshuh will be offering this fun way to make a memorial of a loved one, special event or someone special in your life.  Anyone can do this 90-minute class. Make your artistic eye come alive and have a little fun!. Bring a 12×12 canvas or 9×12 canvas board, along with photos or collage embellishments to personalize artwork. All other items supplied. (Min 7/ Max 15)

Monday, 6 pm, Jan. 23 Progress Park Conference Room

Activity number: 105058-A1 1-day $20 resident/ $25 non-resident


BOOK MAKING (Ages 12+) Join Georganna Krumlinde in this

90-minute class.  Learn how to make a book, and create our own story at the same time! All supplies are included.(Min 6/ Max 15)

Monday, 6:30 pm, Jan. 31 in Progress Park Conference Room

Activity number: 105060-A1 1-day  $20 resident/$25 non-resident


BEGINNERS ART STUDIO (Ages 5-10) Join Calise Thompson and learn to draw and paint cartoons, still life, animals and works by famous people during this two-week class.  Students will complete a picture each week using a step-by-step method that is easy to follow.  Classes will be held

FEB. 8  and FEB. 15. All supplies are included in the cost of this

90-minute program. (Min. 6/ Max 15)

Wednesday, 6 pm, Feb. 8 & 15 in Progress Park Conference Room

Activity number: 104011-A1 2 weeks $30 resident/ $37 non-resident


CERAMIC BIRD HOUSE (Ages 12+) Join Heather Woodson and hand build a ceramic birdhouse!  We will cut, texture and shape slabs of clay into birdhouses on the first night.  On the second evening we will apply the glass and finish our project.  This is a two-part class, the part one will meet on FEB. 10 and part two will meet on FEB.17.  Each night will last two hours. All supplies included. (Min. 7/Max 15)

Wednesday, 6 pm Feb. 10 & 17 in Progress Park Conference Room

Activity number: 105061-A1 2 days $50 resident/ $60 non-resident



ARM KNITTING (Ages 12+) Join Heather Woodson for this 90-minute class on arm knitting! Learn the basics of knitting on a scale that is easy on the eyes and the hands. Each student will take home a finished scarf!

(Min. 7/ Max. 15)

Monday, 6:30 pm, Feb. 27 in Progress Park Conference Room

Activity number: 105063-A1 1-day $17 resident/$24 non-resident


PAINTED VOTIVE (Ages 6-12) Join Calise Thompson for this 90-minute painting class! Paint a votive to give to your parents, siblings, loved ones or a special friend! All skill levels welcome. All supplies included.

(Min. 6/ Max. 12)

Monday 6 pm March 13 in Progress Park Conference Room

Activity number: 105065-A1 1-day $20 resident/$27 non-resident